Extension Poles and Wands

Extension Wands and Poles for Paint SprayersAn airless paint sprayer wand or extension can make your painting job for crown molding, ceilings, patio or stairwells a lot easier.

When you attach one of these to your paint spraying system, it extends the reach of your paint apparatus, thus allowing you to stay in one place without having to go up and down a stair system or ladder to get those hard to reach areas.

Think about the last time you had to paint the eaves, trip or ceiling in a house. These difficult areas become easily accessible with an extension wand, cutting down time and effort needed to complete the job. 

There are a few options that we will look at here. Some of them are universal (meaning they will fit on nearly all sprayers as long as they are the right threading size). Others, you’ll need to keep with the manufacturer type.

Take a close look at these if you are wanting to save time, these accessories are well worth the additional small cost when you factor in the time and extra work needed to accomplish the job without one.

Graco 30″ Tip Extender

Graco Paint Sprayer TipGraco Paint Sprayer TipBuy Now

The Graco 30 inch tip extension (model #243043) works with any 7/8″ thread. It is designed to help extend your reach so the difficult projects don’t take as much time and effort.

This particular extender works on all Graco sprayers and any other brand guns that have the 7/8″ thread.

You can also use this with all RAC IV spray tips. We compared prices (in Sept 2012) between Sears and Amazon and found that Amazon was more than $10 cheaper.


Campbell Hausfeld 24″ Angled Tip Extension

Campbell Hausfeld Spray WandCampbell Hausfeld Spray WandBuy Now

This angled G-thread wand is made of zinc plated steel and is built for durability.

Like the Graco, it can be used for eaves, overhangs, and other places that are hard to reach.

The beauty of the angled version is that it can easily cover those tight spaces where an airless paint sprayer by itself would have a difficult time reaching.

This item can be used on any paint sprayer.


Using a telescopic pole with your paint sprayer

Unger Telescopic ExtenderUnger Telescopic ExtenderBuy Now

Another option is to use a telescopic pole like this one from Unger and attach your sprayer to it.

The Unger aluminum extension pole extends up to 16 ft for those high ceilings or eaves.

It has snap in threading so getting tools on and off even if they have paint or water on it is still easy.

They also feature locking collars, an ergonomic handle for comfort when using for extended periods of time, and sockets that are meant for threaded or tapered tools.

<<See the Unger Telescopic Extender Price Here>>

Here is a video on how to use a pole with sprayer for the ceiling: