Ryobi Paint Sprayer Reviews

protip by ryobi - handheld sprayer
Ryobi products are generally really good. But when you look at their handheld paint sprayer called the 18 Volt One+ Protip, there are other great options out there that can easily get the job done and have many loyal followers.

Besides, the One+ Protip has been discontinued in most stores. If a newer version of the sprayer comes to market, I will update this review. [Read more…]

How To Repair and Restore Termite Damage and Dry Rotted Wood

damaged wood on an abandoned house in much need of repairTermites love wood, it’s their food source. And while that is natural in their own wooded environment of fallen or rotten trees, it makes for a lot of problems for homeowners. Being that most of our homes are made from wood, there is a likelihood that it will at some point have termites or wood rot damage. In this article we look at how to repair and restore wood that has been affected by these pests.

In California, this year has produced an unprecedented amount of rain. I’ve seen plenty of roofs covered with tarps to protect the structure from leaking. Along with this rain, decks have also been pummeled with seemingly constant moisture. These elements make a perfect breeding ground for wood rot and termites to flourish.

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How to Prepare a Room for Paint

Room Prep for Paint with ViewYou’ve decided that it’s time to brighten up your home’s interior living space…makes sense, since we spend most of our time inside the house. Typically, we cover a lot of the exterior painting that you can do to make big changes in the curb appeal of your residence or commercial building.

But, there are opportunities to make changes on the walls and ceilings inside, and prepare the room for painting is probably the most time consuming although ultimately it pays big dividends by creating a professional look.

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What is the Best Airless Paint Sprayer for the Money in 2017?

If you’re looking for the best airless paint sprayer for the money then you will want to consider a couple of options currently on the market today. The best products in this category come from well known and established companies with a track record of great products. One factor that will determine the optimal product is how often you will use it and the type of projects you plan to use the paint sprayer for. [Read more…]

Simpson Pressure Washer Review

simpson Removing dirt and grime, and even scaling off old paint can be a difficult task to do. Certain tools have been introduced to make the job easier. This is where the pressure washer comes in handy.

A pressure washer is a high pressure sprayer to do these types of jobs. With the large number of  pressure washer manufacturers today, it helps to know which one is best to buy. [Read more…]

Best Heat Guns – Paint Removal Tool Review

heat gun stripping paint from a doorDid you know you can use heat guns for removing all sorts of things including old paint?

Preparing a surface for paint is a process not worth overlooking. There are really two ways to best strip off paint. You have the heat gun which is not the same as a typical hair dryer (the temperature is much higher) or there are chemical solvents that dissolve paint. Each one has their pluses and minuses.

The biggest benefit to using a heat gun over chemicals is you don’t have to inhale the solvents and strong smells that an industrial strength paint stripper emanates. This is especially important if you have children living inside the house.

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How to Paint Your House’s Exterior with an Airless Paint Sprayer

How To Paint A Home With Airless Paint Sprayer

Using rollers and brushes to paint your house is an exhausting task and you risk painting certain parts unevenly.

Airless paint sprayers make the job faster and cleaner. Instead of air, this tool makes use of a very high pressure of up to 3,000 psi to pump out the paint.

The paint goes through a hose and out through a fine tip that releases the paint in a fan-shaped mist.

It’s important to know that there will be some paint particles that will just drift off into the air and won’t actually make it to the surface that you’re painting. [Read more…]

Graco Project Painter Plus Review

Graco Project Painter PlusGraco Project Painter PlusBuy Now

The Graco Project Painter Plus is one of the small utility airless paint sprayers that provides most home DIYers a simple and easy way of accomplishing some of the painting jobs around the house.

It works with a 2.5 gallon hopper and has some common features that some of the other Graco paint sprayers utilize.

While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some of the other models (like the X7) have, it still has enough features to really save you some time while trying to paint your space. [Read more…]

Extension Poles and Wands

Extension Wands and Poles for Paint SprayersAn airless paint sprayer wand or extension can make your painting job for crown molding, ceilings, patio or stairwells a lot easier.

When you attach one of these to your paint spraying system, it extends the reach of your paint apparatus, thus allowing you to stay in one place without having to go up and down a stair system or ladder to get those hard to reach areas.

Think about the last time you had to paint the eaves, trip or ceiling in a house. These difficult areas become easily accessible with an extension wand, cutting down time and effort needed to complete the job.  [Read more…]

Graco Magnum X5 Review

Graco Magnum X5Graco Magnum X5Buy Now

The Graco Magnum X5 (Model# 262800) is a top of the line airless paint sprayer.

It is a must have for around the house duties like painting a fence, deck & patio cover, or the inside and outside of the house.

There is no challenge too big for this sprayer.

If you have traditionally used a paint brush to tackle the lengthy painting jobs around the house, you will be pleased to know that the Graco Magnum X5 will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on your painting job, freeing you up to do other projects. [Read more…]