What is the Best Airless Paint Sprayer for the Money in 2017?

If you’re looking for the best airless paint sprayer for the money then you will want to consider a couple of options currently on the market today. The best products in this category come from well known and established companies with a track record of great products. One factor that will determine the optimal product is how often you will use it and the type of projects you plan to use the paint sprayer for.

Before we dive into some of the options, it’s important to realize there are a lot of accessories you can use with these which make them extremely versatile and useful for any type of job. Lets look at a few options here that meet the high quality standards and reliability thresholds for a great product at a cheap price:

Graco Magnum X5Graco Magnum X5 – Hands down it’s the best bang for your buck for interior and exterior painting (priced way under 500 dollars). Comes with instructional DVD that details out every step that you need to take to get started. This product sprays both latex paints and stains. The power flush adapter connects to your regular hose for quick cleaning.

Just check out some of the reviews for this light and portable airless paint sprayer and you will see that it is worth the money. At the time of this writing, the X5 is on sale for 32% off here (that’s a savings of $129 off retail).

Wagner ProForce 30Wagner Pro Force 30 – For just a few dollars more than the Graco X5 you could get the PF30. This Wagner has a stronger motor and puts more paint out per minute using 3000 PSI. One other great feature is that it has wheels and can be transported without having to pick  it up.

Similar to the X5, it has great reviews and comes with a 25 ft spray hose. You can use either a one gallon or five gallon can of paint. It can also be used with oils, latex or stains.

The system breaks down a little for transport and storage. The overall reviews of the Wagner are really good on Amazon (owners give it 4.5 stars).

Graco Magnum X7Graco Magnum ProX7 Hi-Boy – The top sprayer for the money if you are looking for ease of portability and high quality is the Graco X7. It’s a powerful sprayer packed into a wheeled system that fits basically any type of painter from the do-it-yourselfer to the professional. At the time of this writing, it is 40% off on Amazon for a savings of over $300 off retail price. It also qualifies for the free super saver shipping.

Some convenient features of this product include a powerful 3/4 hp motor, 50 ft hose (ProX7 can handle a hose up to 150ft in length), pressure controls, auto prime ability and a fold-able cart. There are many more features that make this airless paint sprayer a real gem for the low cost.

When considering any paint sprayer for projects, keep in mind the overall cost is very negligible compared to what it would cost for a contractor to come out and provide the same service (which is not cheap). With the models highlighted here, they all are designed for easy cleanup and simple operation. An investment in one could mean keeping it around for years to come and covering multiple projects.