Best Heat Guns – Paint Removal Tool Review

heat gun stripping paint from a doorDid you know you can use heat guns for removing all sorts of things including old paint?

Preparing a surface for paint is a process not worth overlooking. There are really two ways to best strip off paint. You have the heat gun which is not the same as a typical hair dryer (the temperature is much higher) or there are chemical solvents that dissolve paint. Each one has their pluses and minuses.

The biggest benefit to using a heat gun over chemicals is you don’t have to inhale the solvents and strong smells that an industrial strength paint stripper emanates. This is especially important if you have children living inside the house.

Using this method is not a quick process. It takes time to get each area warm enough to use a scraper to remove.

When to Know It’s Time to Scrape

When the painted area starts peeling off, flaking or is uneven, it may be time start getting to work removing the layers so that a fresh coat of paint using a brush or sprayer can be applied.

How to Use a Heat Gun on Painted Surfaces

Similar to ironing, you should move the heat gun around and not just focus the heat in one area for a long period of time. Once the area gets nice and hot you’ll be able to see the paint start to bubble, scrape the sections of paint off.

It’s best to do small sections at a time. Keep the gun about an inch away from the wood surface.  Occasionally, you’ll get a build up of gunk on the end of the scraper. When that happens, just remove and begin the process again.

Reviews of the 3 Best Heat Guns on the Market

Porter-Cable 1500 Watt Heat Gun (Model# PC1500HG)

Porter Cable Heat Gun ReviewWhat I like about Porter-Cable is their products just feel right in your hands. The grips are nice and products are weighted correctly for easy operation and balance.

With this high powered heat gun, removing paint is a small task. The dual fan speed selector allows you to adjust the variation of the power setting from low to high. Compared to a typical hair dryer the fan is much quieter.

A built in control dial lets you modify the temperature to get optimal results – from warm to hot enough to melt plastic.

When it comes time to store you Porter-Cable, use the hanging hook keep it up off the floor or cluttering your work bench.

The PC1500HG gives you the ultimate lightweight product, weighing in at only 2 pounds, it’s simple to hold for longer periods of time than some of the other competitors products.

You’re not limited to just paint removal, the Porter-Cable is rated high enough to also use for plastic pipe bending, taking off tiles with adhesive backing, and many other tasks.

For under $40, the PC1500 is a must have around the home.

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Wagner 1,200 Watt Heat Gun (Model# HT100)

Wagner Heat Gun Spray TechThe manufacturer of paint sprayers also makes other products like these heat guns. With a BTU rating up to 4100, peeling paint off of wood, removing old rusted bolts, or getting floor tiles loose the Wagner HT100 makes easy work out of seemingly impossible situations.

The temperature setting ranges from 750 – 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. A rugged and impact resistant body keeps the product safe even in a construction site.

Wagner backs their product with a fantastic 2 year warranty in case anything goes wrong.

Applications for this heat gun include paint removal, window tinting, removing caulk around the home, restoring plastic within an automobile, and shrink wrapping.

ProTect 1,500 Watt Heat Gun Kit (9 Piece)

ProTect Heat Gun KitAn all-in-one kit, ProTect provides more than just a simple tool to make diy projects more fun. Like the other two products featured here, there is a temperature control on the unit to hone in the preferred heat settings.

The ProTect version is one of the cheapest of the three since it come in a kit. It includes a carrying case, scraper and some other useful tools to make your project go smoothly.

Since this doesn’t have a stand or hook like the other Porter-Cable or Wagner, you may want to create a stand that will help the ProTect cool after use.

It doesn’t have the rugged and durable features that the other two featured products here have. That’s the trade off when buying a cheaper product.

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