Graco Magnum X7 Review

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The Graco Magnum X7 (Model# 262805) Hi Boy airless paint sprayer has a few extra “nice to have” features than the X5. The first major improvement is the auto-primer feature enabling you to get started faster and easier. This model also comes with a power flush system designed to create an easy cleaning process. While the X5 is great for occasional paint jobs, the Graco X7 is built for frequent uses around the house or property.

Another improvement that the X7 has is the ability to provide approx ten percent more output than the X5.  This is significant if you are painting frequently and need that extra push to get the job done quickly. The more obvious addition to this model is the wheeled cart which allows it to be moved quickly around the site or area needing to get painted. The cart folds easily with one hand for compact storage or transportation.

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The comfortable grip makes handling the SG10 sprayer gun a simple and easy process. A storage compartment on the sprayer allows for easy handling of additional spray tips or other tools/accessories. The Graco X7 can go directly in either a one gallon or five gallon paint can/bucket. A hook on the paint sprayer allows for you to directly connect the handle of the paint can to the system and the X7 will keep it level during transportation ( increasing mobility but avoiding spills while moving around).


  • Duraflex 25 foot hose
  • 1 year manufactures warranty
  • Adjustable spray tip (4 variations of spray patterns)
  • Auto Prime included
  • Power flush system
  • One hand collapsible cart
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Overall, the Graco X7 gets great ratings. Reviewers of this particular model state that it is well worth the investment and wish they only knew about it sooner. Some of the features most owners enjoy is the time saving auto primer and power flush ability. Check out all the reviews here.

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