Graco Project Painter Plus Review

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The Graco Project Painter Plus is one of the small utility airless paint sprayers that provides most home DIYers a simple and easy way of accomplishing some of the painting jobs around the house.

It works with a 2.5 gallon hopper and has some common features that some of the other Graco paint sprayers utilize.

While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some of the other models (like the X7) have, it still has enough features to really save you some time while trying to paint your space.

The Project Painter Plus cleans easily by attaching to a hose and flushing out the system so that it is ready for its next job. The light on the plug lets you know when you have a positive power source.

Other features include the SG10 Spray Gun (with reversible spray tip), a twenty five foot hose so you can reach those extended spots, the Comfort grip handle for ease of use, and a 3/8 hp motor to power the system.

Of the 4 reviews on Amazon, 3 users rate this sprayer with five stars. Some of the features that users enjoy the most about this product is the ability for the Project Painter Plus to cover the area quickly, saving time for other things besides painting.

The product is also recognized for producing great results on the exterior of a home. Overall, if you are on the fence about buying an airless paint sprayer, this is a great beginner one to get you started.