Best Safety Glasses You Can Use for Painting

Painting is a simple enough task that anyone can do. But just like any other task that involves tools and chemicals, extra protection is needed.

Some people think that all they have to do before painting is put some old newspapers down to shield the floor from rogue drops or wear old shirts and jeans just in case you spill paint on yourself.

Goggles can give you extra eye protection because you never know what can happen when you’re painting. [Read more…]

Buying Guide: Painter Clothes – What Kind Should You Get?

painter clothes overallsNow that you have found some excellent options for airless paint sprayers, you might be wondering “what kind of painter clothes work well” to compliment this new piece of equipment? It’s true that getting an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt from the closet can be sufficient enough for a single paint job, but there is clothing specifically designed to make life easier for you throughout a project that lasts and is comfortable to wear throughout the work day. [Read more…]

Campbell Hausfeld (Model PS261C) Review

Campell Hausfeld PS261C QuadraflowCampell Hausfeld PS261C QuadraflowBuy Now

Those home painting projects just got easier to tackle using the Campbell Hausfeld PS261C airless paint sprayer with quadraflow. You can quickly set up the workstation which uses an electric motor to spray paint via compressed air. A couple of key highlights about this model is the ergonomic spray gun and the lifetime warranty that Campbell Hausfeld has on the motor and diaphragm (which is really where most things tend to wear out the most over time). [Read more…]

Titan XT250 Review

Titan XT250Titan XT250Buy Now

The Titan XT250 is a reconditioned airless paint sprayer that sells for an attractive price on Amazon. It is ideal for the person who wants to save some money and doesn’t need something that has to be used everyday. It is for the occasional interior and exterior projects for the do-it-yourself painter around the house or work site. [Read more…]