Why An Airless Paint Sprayer?

Why an Airless Paint Sprayer ImageA great investment that can save time and money in the long run is an airless paint sprayer. These products are much easier to use than brushes or rollers and also give a more uniform finish. This is especially important when painting rough surfaces such as brick or stucco. An airless paint sprayer is perfect for large areas including walls and garage doors but also makes small detailed painting of ornate furniture or doors with nooks and crannies easier. The things to consider when shopping for an airless paint sprayer are: the total area you are painting, how thick the paint you are using is and also the type of surface you are painting. There are of course many different brands available and having your requirements in mind will speed up the process of selection.

This video shows some of the benefits to owning and using a airless paint sprayer for all your projects:


Let’s take a look at some of the airless paint sprayers on the market and a few of the details and specs on each one.

Wagner 0515034 ProCoat – Has one or five gallon cans available. Powerful 2800 PSI pump but a selector allows you to choose the power from 1000 PSI up to 2800 PSI. Has a 25 foot long hose and lightweight spray gun. Easy mobility in tight spaces.

Wagner 0515000 Airless Sprayer – A bit less mobility than the ProCoat but has the same power and the 25 foot hose. You can use oil based or latex paints and the product will pump out .20 gallons per minute.

Graco 262800 Magnum X5 – Also draws from a one or five gallon container and has a 25 foot long hose. Unit can be flush cleaned easily by connecting a garden hose to it. The X5 has four different spray settings for various jobs.

Graco 262805 Magnum X7 – Has an auto primer for immediate spray and is a great choice for frequent painting jobs. Sports a comfortable grip on the SG10 metal gun with trigger and built in filter. This airless paint sprayer draws from a five gallon can.

Graco 261815 Magnum PROX7 – Heavy duty sprayer with a 50 foot long hose and the deluxe SG20 spray gun. A built in filter eliminates dust and debris for a clean, smooth professional finish.

Ryobi Paint Sprayer ZRP630K – Perfect for home painting projects and features a low or high pressure setting for a variety of paints and surfaces.

Campbell Hausfeld PS230B – This beauty will spray .28 gallons per minute using 3000 PSI. It can handle large projects very quickly while spraying any type paint from latex to stains and even roof coatings. This airless paint sprayer can even support a second optional gun for your helper to really tear through some jobs.

Campbell Hausfeld PS261C – This high pressure sprayer comes mounted on a heavy duty steel cart for easy mobility. Sprays a variety of coatings at .34 gallons per minute. Ideal for contractors and shops and is easy to clean and maintain. Has a patented Quadraflow spray tip and a 25 foot long hose.

Campbell Hausfeld PS290D – This sprayer is designed for barns and fences. A very powerful one HP motor makes it possible to use two 50 foot hoses to cover a lot of territory. It has large tires for uneven terrain and a professional grade spray gun.

Campbell Hausefeld PS120B Portable – This sprayer has a 1/2 HP motor and delivers .24 gallons of paint per minute. Product is designed for those who paint houses, barns and fences on a regular basis. Quadraflow tip on a professional gun with 25 foot hose.

Hopefully this list has helped you in your search for an airless paint sprayer. Be sure and check out the many different reviews in the navigation bar above. Make sure that when you get your product home, do some test painting first on some cardboard or other scrap material. You need to experiment with the settings and also plan how close you need to be to the surface to get the finish you desire.