Top Rated Airless Paint Sprayer Respirators

A paint respirator is a simple yet essential part of the painting process. While you are working among paint particles it is important that you have something comfortable to wear that provides a good amount of protection. Make sure that you look at respirators that have replaceable cartridges which help keep your long term costs down. The great part about most of the respirators covered here is that they can be used for all sorts of projects around the house and yard.

The MSA Safety Works 817662 Respirator uses a patented facepiece that is flexible enough to adjust to nearly any facial contour. The HEPA filters go into a low profile cartridge holders that provides maximum protection against the elements. Half masks are ideal for long wear and big projects.   This respirator received 4.5 stars on Amazon. One owner says that mask in very comfortable and works perfectly. Replaceable cartridges are also available and useful to have in inventory.

The 3M Low-Maintenance Half Mask (R95), is an easy to use respirator that has a multifunctional setup. The cartridges easily remove from the front of the mask, making for simple cleanup or replacement. Straps adjust to meet the comfort level of the operator. The flexible material also makes wearing this mask for long periods of time, really easy. Because it is a half mask, wearing eye protection is no problem. There is literally no interference. The 3M Half Masks has over 50 reviews on Amazon and 4.8 stars.

If you are searching for an all-in-one solution, then the 3M Full Face Paint Respirator is a great product. It incorporates all the qualities found in a half mask but also features full face protection (which means you won’t have to go out and get a set of separate goggles). If working with chemicals the odors are non-existent when you wear this mask. Straps are easily adjustable and can be quickly released. This product comes with two face shield protectors. It get 4.5 stars on Amazon and owners of this product have found it useful for a wide range of projects (not just painting).


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