Wagner PF 30 Pro Force Review

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The Wagner PF 30 Pro Force (0516009) air sprayer has a more than capable 5/8 horsepower motor to power through the tough paint jobs. Ideal for contractors, property managers, or home contractors looking to tackle big paint jobs. The highlight with this paint sprayer is the ease of mobility. The structural design of the sprayer is ideal for moving the system around a property without worrying about loosing functionality. The spray tip accessory is reversible and is self cleaning (helping to minimize the time needed to cleanup).

The capability and usefulness of the Wagner PF 30 Pro Force is not just limited to professionals. The best reviews on Amazon mention that non-professional homeowners also used this paint sprayer to paint their homes. The benefit to this affordable sprayer is the quick ability to paint a large area and the cleanup function. It was also noted that the Wagner PF 30 was cheaper at Amazon than comparable brands at Home Depot or Lowes.

The Wagner PF 30 can use either the one or five gallon paint container. It can lay on different types of paint such as latex, oil-based, and even stains or sealers. The 25 foot included hose is adequate for most jobs, however, you may want to get a 50 foot hose if you have a lot of ground to cover.


  • More than adequate 5/8 hp motor
  • Flow rate is quick at .30 gallons per minute
  • Long spray hose (25 ft) included
  • Durable and mobile cart for portability
  • Self cleaning spray tip
  • See the full list of features here

The Wagner PF 30 is a great out of the box, easy setup airless paint sprayer than can be utilized for large painting projects.  It is a massive time saver over trying to paint the area with a traditional roller or brush. This sprayer saves time by getting a lot of paint on the structure in a short amount of time.

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