Reviews of the Best Airless Paint Sprayers

If you are considering a painting project anytime soon, which airless paint sprayer would you want to help complete the task? Many people would be happy just to have anything other than a roller or paintbrush, especially if the job requires covering large surface areas.

Since you arrived here, you probably don’t just want to settle for any old unit, instead you’re looking for some of the best available, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorites (see our comparison table below).

Airless Paint Sprayer Comparison Guide

There are 7 columns included in the chart:

  • Sprayer pictures and product name / model
  • Output – how many gallons of paint per minute (GPM) this sprayer can deliver
  • Pressure – amount of pressure it capable using, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI)
  • Horsepower – engine capability and power
  • Max tip size – maximum tip size measured by diameter of tip in inches
  • Rating – based on the review averages in Amazon (which are usually very helpful in determining whether the product is good)
  • Purchase info – where you can find the current sale price on Amazon

What is an Airless Paint Sprayer?

It is a tool used to coat a variety of surfaces with your favorite latex, oil or stain.  Instead of using a compressor to push the air out, they use a pump that builds pressure first. Then you utilize a spray gun or nozzle attached to a high pressure pump to propel a coat of paint on the desired area.

The tips on the spray gun vary depending on the desired result or affect you are trying to achieve. For instance, Graco has around nine different tips used for various types of spray or patterns. The tip size helps to control the flow of paint as it exits the nozzle.

This means that you can get a heavy to light layer by choosing a specific type of tip. When purchasing a sprayer, there will be the recommended tip included with the sprayer. This usually covers the basic jobs, but if you are a pro or contractor, you’ll likely need various others to get fantastic results on the different job sites.

How to Find One that Will Do the Job

There many different types and sizes, some work well for the beginner while contractors or professionals may need something with a little more power. That is why we are here, to help you find the one that fits your needs.

The various areas of the site are designed to be easily navigable. We have a Reviews section (which includes reviews of top sprayer brands and models), Accessories (all the things that you might want to get to make your project easier), How-To (informational articles to get you ready for the next step), and FAQ (frequently asked questions that we receive from visitors).

Along the way, if you have any questions or requests for product reviews, let us know. The benefit to using these incredible tools makes completing projects much quicker and easier. They also deliver an even type finish to the desired area.

Several Brands to Choose From

There are a few well known brands that are worth looking in to. We have saved you some valuable time and already put together some reviews of a few products.

Below is highlight information on some of the the companies that produce paint sprayers along with links to the reviews we have done.

graco logoGraco – Has been around for almost 90 years and provides a great deal of equipment focused on managing fluids that spans many different types of industries. When the airless spray gun was developed in the late 1950’s, Graco also learned this was a way to branch out and develop its brand even further. Today, they have a large selection of different paint sprayer models to cater to the professional contractors all the way to the beginning painter.

 See the reviews of Graco products

Titan LogoTitan – This company was founded back in the late 1960’s. During the 30 years that followed, the company developed a number of patents in the industry. As of the late 1990’s the company was bought by Wagner. They tend to be more focused in developing and growing the contractor aspect of airless paint sprayers and accessories.

Check out the reviews of Titan products

WagnerWagner – Located in Minnesota, Wagner is an innovative company that caters to both the contractor pro and the DIYer. Their products are designed to be easy to maintain, use and operate. They have a pretty good foot hold in both the airless and HLVP paint sprayer industry. Some of their other products include paint rollers with built in trays.

Visit the reviews of Wagner products

CH logoCampbell Hausfeld – A fairly new company (started in 2003), they focus on selling products that are affordable for the DIYer. You’ll find a lot of the selection as factory reconditioned.

Visit the reviews of Campbell Hausfeld products

homeright HomeRight – New to this site in 2017, this company has been in the paint business for a while (around 25 years). They are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and are most well known for the Paint Stick (a unique roller that doesn’t use a pan) .

Visit the reviews of HomeRight products

Time to get your airless paint sprayer

Now that you have an idea of what kind you might need, it is time to go see the specific brands and models available. You’ll want to find one that works for your type of situation and painting needs.

A pro might need a higher end model based on the amount of functions that it can accomplish, while a beginner might want to just try out a lower end model to get a few odds and ends done around the house.

You really can’t go wrong with any of them, but if you plan to use it often or want to have it for years to come, consider some of the my personal favorite airless paint sprayers that money can buy.

Over the years, an investment in a quality sprayer can be better than renting one at the neighborhood hardware store. While there is some maintenance that is required, it’s going to be far more minimal than expected. The more you use, the faster the process of cleaning or maintenance becomes, due to the simple fact of practicing an activity on a repeated basis.

Check out more general info on the subject at Wikipedia