Titan PowerLiner 850 Review – Best Line Striping Machine

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If you work out on a parking lot, baseball, football, or any other field that requires stripping, the Titan PowerLiner is the best tool for getting the job done quickly and with professional looking results. The 850 comes equipped with a 1.1 hp engine (which is about double the horsepower in a standard airless paint sprayer).  This tool produces up to .33 gallons per minute at upwards of 2500 psi. The front tire is adjustable for easy cornering in the toughest turns but can also be locked into place for a super straight line.

The PowerLiner 850 is designed to carry a 5 gallon paint bucket, which will give you about 15 minutes of constant paint operation before you have to refill the canister. One of the great aspects to this airless paint sprayer designed for line stenciling is that it is lightweight. Fully assembled the 850 only weighs 70lbs and can be easily collapsed for transporting or storage.

Another feature which makes this item a must have is the removable spray gun which gives you the ability to paint curbs, fences, or anything else for that matter with this all-in-one unit. This simple ability to the PowerLiner for nearly every job imaginable makes it worth every cent.

Features and Specs:

  • Titan PowerLiner 850 On FieldEasy start Robin-Subaru 4 stroke engine.
  • Adjustable pressure controls for optimal spray
  • 25 foot hose
  • 2500 psi
  • LX-40 spray gun with line striping tip
  • Adjustable front wheel
  • Handle with easy to use spray control
  • See full list of features here

Getting a reliable and worthwhile striping machine that will stand the test of time is possible with Titans’ PowerLiner 850. It can handle nearly any type of task including wearing dual hats (a striping machine and a regular paint sprayer built into one).  The applications can be endless and as a maintainer of properties, schools or contractor, this item is a must have.

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