Wagner 0515034 ProCoat Review

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The Wagner 0515034 is part of the ProCoat series of popular airless paint sprayers geared for small or medium size projects around the house. This great choice of sprayer comes in handy when working with latex paints (but is useful for painting or staining almost anything). Many painters are forced to water down their paints so that they don’t clog up the spray tip, with the Wagner 0515034 this is not a problem. The capable 1/2 horsepower engine pumps enough pressure through the hose and nozzle to get the area of space painted quickly. The fast setup (5 minutes) saves you time so that you focus on other things, like enjoying your new room or house.

The handle swivels easily to ensure that angled sprays are comfortable and don’t strain your wrist movement. The included hose (at 25 ft) is more than adequate for most projects, but if additional length is needed, the Wagner ProCoat can accommodate up to a 100 ft hose.

The Wagner ProCoat 0515034 can use both the 1 gallon or 5 gallon paint bucket to spray latex, sealant, and a variety of stains. Some common things that people paint or stain with this product are fences, houses, banisters, doors, sheds, farmhouses, kids outdoor gyms, decks, patios, outdoor furniture, etc. The adjustable setting on the spray tip allows for easy work of any type of project. You can also set the PSI level from 1000 – 2800 depending on the type of painting you will be doing. Once the job is complete, just attach a garden hose and run the water to flush the system out (10 minutes max).


– 25 foot hose

– 515 spray tip

– A swivel handle

– 1.5 horsepower motor

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The Wagner 0515034 ProCoat is a much better product to own than having to rent a local hardware stores version of an airless paint sprayer. Overall, the 0515034 has great functional use in both the small to medium size projects. It is a great buy for the price and eligible for free shipping.