Buying Guide: Painter Clothes – What Kind Should You Get?

painter clothes overallsNow that you have found some excellent options for airless paint sprayers, you might be wondering “what kind of painter clothes work well” to compliment this new piece of equipment? It’s true that getting an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt from the closet can be sufficient enough for a single paint job, but there is clothing specifically designed to make life easier for you throughout a project that lasts and is comfortable to wear throughout the work day.

Several companies have a specialty line of clothing designed with painters or contractors needs in mind. Examples of companies that have this type of clothing are: Dickies and Carhartt. Each one has its own specific characteristics that appeal to their consumers.

Dickies Painter Pants for Men

Chances are you probably have already heard of Dickies before. They make clothes that you can get at many retail stores, but the specialty painters wear is harder to find in brick and mortar stores since they are made for a specific group of people. The key is that the painter line adds functionality to user. For the Dickies Overalls for men, there are pockets made to carry common tools that painters have with them, the seems are stitched 3x for added protection against tears, and the shoulder straps are flexible (made from elastic to stretch a little).

Carhartt Painters Pants (Overalls)

Carhartt has a loyal following of people who really like the style and comfort that these overalls provide.  The adjustable suspenders along with the loops and pockets for tools make this item a great buy for the money. There are different types of Carhartt Overalls depending on whether you are working in the cold/heat, want sewn in knee pads, or need a zipped up option for the legs.  You can use these pants for other endeavors besides painting such as fishing or working around the house with other types of projects.

Painters clothing is both comfortable and functional. While it isn’t always necessary for short term projects, it certainly adds increased ability to perform the job around the work site and also provides all around comfortable clothing.

Other Must Have Painter Clothes

Besides the overalls, another essential product for painting gear is an open face or partial face head cover. These work together with goggles to provide full face and head protection against paint particles. It’s made of non-latex, triple fiber material that is breathable. A head cover (like this one here) can also provide protection against the elements like sun or wind chill. If you have a lot of spraying to do, you should consider one of these useful hoods.